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Characteristics of light touch switch with light and measuring method of handling voltage

with high temperature light switch with the development and development of semiconductor integrated circuit, electronic devices are becoming smaller and lighter, which urgently needs DC converter in the power supply, and the converter also needs to be miniaturized. This article will introduce in detail the basic characteristics of light tact switch with light and the method of handling voltage measurement.
features a touch switch, with lamp (M) is not to braid; base
features two touch switch, the length and width of the light touch switch, the height of the key (H);
, features three touch switch is not high demand (in general, plug-ins are not resistant to high temperature, high temperature resistance patch); the touch switch
voltage measurement
control with light touch switch with lamp for control of electrical equipment open and closed timing devices, all kinds of sound engineering, television broadcasting system, computer network system and other electrical engineering equipment is one of the indispensable. The general front panel is provided with a total power switch and two groups of indicating lamps, and a group is a system power supply indication, and a group of eight power supply interfaces is used for indicating whether the electricity is in power or not, and is convenient for use in the field.
with light touch switch to communicate 220V voltage, through the VDl-VD4 rectifier, resistor R2, current limiting voltage drop, VS voltage regulator and capacitor Cl filter, the DC voltage at the 6V is controlled, as the working voltage of IC. Because the thyristor VT is in the cut-off state at this time, the current flowing through the headlamp EL is smaller, so the EL can not be lit. When the hand contact electrode (A electrode type double circuit should contact electrode A1), 2 foot body induction of clutter signals in addition to IC, the flip flop inside the IC, the 3 foot high level output, the VT conduction, EL lights lit.